About Soatec

SOATEC Engineering Services was a business name registered in 1984 with the aim to sell, maintain and provide services for all kinds of Engineering Equipments like Industrial Compressors, etc.As the company experienced growth between 1984 and 1990, it became so important to upgrade the business and register it as Limited Liability Company. SOATEC ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED mainly has been having a good business relationship with Antwerp Trading Company Limited, (ATC) Belgium through procurement, marketing and sales of various operating conditions of Atlas Copco and Ingersoll-Rand Compressors. It penetrated into various areas of production and exploratory industries, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Textiles, Cement Productions through the representation of a German Manufacturer of a Special LUBRICANT called KLUBER LUBRICANTS

In lieu of this, the company was registered in 1990 as SOATEC ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED. This new registration with the corporate affairs commission has separated the business entity from the owner/promoter through equity shareholding i.e. SAOTEC ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED became a legal entity who can sue and be sued.

Through this means, we have established a good relationship with many industrial organisations in Nigeria. SOATEC ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED through dedication for innovation and solutions to industrial equipments, have also experienced consistent growth after it became a legal entity. Fusce dolor velit, blandit ac erat ac, vestibulum ornare diam. Sed sollicitudin viverra est, at aliquam metus ultrices id. Duis eu purus vel nisl commodo facilisis vitae ut lectus.

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John Builder

Our Goals

CEO and founjder of Counstruction ltd.

As a Lubricant and Technical Equipment trader, obtaining a permanent place in the Local and International Market place is our primary goal.

Steve Planer

Our Objectives

Construction engineer

our objectives is to contribute to the enrichment of the quality of lives for people in Nigeria and its environ; West and Central Africa market as a whole.

Mark Teran

Strategic positioning and alliance

Project leader

As a manufacturer of vehicles and components you trust that the lubricants you use meet the requirements you and your customers have.